Active Recovery

Recovery is vital to maintaining athletic development and consistency. I’m curious to find out what you do on recovery days? Recovery after all doesn’t have to be sitting at home all day on the couch. Think outside the box [gym]. What can you do today that may help you feel better after exercising compared to how you felt before?  The options are limitless, here are a few options for your next recovery days:

> Walk/Jog in the park [Low to medium intensity]

> Bike around your neighborhood [Low to medium intensity]

> Go on a hike with a friend [Low intensity]

> Enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach [Low intensity]

> Yoga/Pilates [Low intensity]

> Swim laps at your pool [Low to medium intensity]


All the above suggested activities would help you recover from the physical and mental stress that you undergo throughout your week. Take that hour or couple of hours to do something different with your day. Active recovery can really help boost your mood, unwind, and reset your focus on your personal goals. You will have to trust me on this one, active recovery can be much more beneficial than passive recovery (complete rest). If you recently started exercising and you wish to give this a try, I would personally recommend that you try out the low intensity suggestions above before you move on to the ones that are medium intensity in nature. Pace yourself at everything you do and try to make a positive experience out of your active recovery days.




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  1. i used to enjoy my recovery days by sitting and doing nothing… but when the weather is nice il take walks and bike around my neighberhood

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